Metaverse Resource DAO

MetaBrands provides one simple Gateway linking portals to different realms within the Metaverse with the MAGE utility token and MAGE Relic NFTs.

Simply by possessing these tokens, owners are granted special privileges and accessibility to different benefits, perks, and opportunities.


A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that operates a Metaverse asset portfolio for accumulating NFTs, tokens, and in-game resources as well as contributing to play-to-earn game models (P2E), and digital real estate used in player-owned ecosystems.

P2E & NFTs

MetaBrands focuses on two target markets to acquire NFTs with play-to-earn ecosystems to generate yield, such as Axie Infinity, and acquire a multitude of NFTs with different utilities that can be resold. NFTs may extend to fields of art, digital real estate, & beyond.

Asset Management

Pairing P2E assets with scholars who exchange their time and skill to help generate in-game assets. This yield can then be exchanged for MAGE utility tokens, which are then airdropped back to MAGE Relic owners at the beginning of every month.

MAGE Utility

NFT Minting
Staking/Liquidity Mining


MAGE Token represents the total value and performance of the MetaBrands Metaverse Resource DAO through all acquired assets, yield-generating activities, project incubation, and strategic value collectively created with the community.

MAGE ERC20 Contract (ETH): 0xd52aae39a2b5cc7812f7b9450ebb61dfef702b15


Sacrifice MAGE tokens to claim your relic to the Metaverse…

These magical relics grant their possessor specials powers within the MetaBrands ecosystem, including DAO participation, airdrops, and more.

At the beginning of every month, the total yield collected by play-to-earn models and yields from other activities will be used to buy the MAGE token at market price. After the market purchase, MAGE tokens will be burned, added to the treasury, and the majority will be airdropped to the MAGE Relic NFT owners.
25,000 MAGE
Yield Airdrops + 5% Bonus
50,000 MAGE
Yield Airdrops + 10% Bonus



MetaBrands Alliance

The MetaBrands Alliance mission is to help incubate, scale, and support promising projects with our strong network of advisors, partners, service providers, and gaming community ready to deploy into your project. Current realms of focus and expertise include: Metaverse, Play-to-Earn, GameFi, NFTs, Player-owned Economies, and DAOs.

DAO Advisors

Collectively, the MetaBrands DAO has over 30+ years of experience in the realm blockchain and cryptocurrency, providing a well-rounded knowledge and understanding to navigate the dynamic landscape.

Carlos H. Campello

Solidity & Web3 Developer

Juan Contreras

Technical & Finance

Lee Cooper



Bidify, SmartReach, RubySwap

Bryan Doreian

SDG Impact Fund, PIVX

Wilson S. Duarte

Partnerships & Community

Josep Gonzalez

Founder of

Ben Heidorn

Co-Founder/CTO of Blockade Games

Hans Koning

DigiByte Foundation Co-Founder

Adrian Morrison

Strategy & Planning

Tyler Reinold & E1337

Kerri Squires

Community Growth


Branding & UX/UI Design


The GateKeeper

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