MAGE Tokenomics

The issuance of the MAGE utility token will be unlocked sequentially over a 3-year time period, following the public launch. The total supply of the MAGE token is 100 million and will never be exceeded. The tokenomics for MAGE utilize token burning to create a deflationary supply.

Token Name (Ticker)


Token Type


Total Supply


Initial Circulating Supply

6,320,000 – 2% LP + 4.32% Presale Unlock

Initial Marketcap


FDV (Fully Diluted Value)


Total Supply: 100,000,000 MAGE
AllocationPercentageAmount of TokenPriceLockup Period
Seed8%8,000,0000.062515% - Token Launch, 10% Monthly After, 5% Final Distribution
Private14%14,000,0000.08618% - Token Launch, 12% Monthly After, 10% Final Distribution
IDO3%3,000,0000.1020% - Token Launch, 20% Monthly After
Uniswap Liquidity2%2,000,0000.152,000,000 MAGE + ETH ($300k) paired for launch LP
Community Rewards15%15,000,0003 year linear lock
Liquidity Mining20%20,000,0005 year linear lock
Treasury20%20,000,000Expansion of business operations for asset acquisition, cross-chain & DEX liquidity
DAO Operations5%5,000,000Bounty rewards for DAO executors & participants
Foundation5%5,000,0002 year lock, 1 year linear lock after
Advisors & Strategic Partners8%8,000,0001 year lock

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining—the term used when an equivalent amount of value for two assets is locked in a liquidity pool and a third-party issues yields for this value being locked. Liquidity providers are earning trading fees from the liquidity pool for the assets, as well as additional yields. The more value that is locked in a liquidity pool, essentially, helps to stabilize the asset, as it is backed with another asset of equal value.

This initiative was created to provide another way for the community to earn MAGE utility tokens, while providing a positive contribution to the ecosystem. MetaBrands has set aside 20,000,000 MAGE tokens to be distributed to liquidity providers over a period of 5 years. Initially, the emission rate will be higher and will decrease overtime.


Token burning will be introduced into the MetaBrands Tokenomics as a deflationary method to reduce the total supply over time at a sustainable and healthy rate. This helps to increase the demand for the MAGE utility token, while gradually increasing the barrier entry to the MAGE Ranks (mentioned in detail on the Airdrops page).

10% of the monthly yield will be permanently burned at the beginning of every month.

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