Gain direct access to participate in early round allocations for upcoming gaming and metaverse projects with your MAGE Relic NFTs!

From time to time, Mana has been known to summon portals of opportunity for relic owners, allowing those who possess these powerful relics an early glimpse into unimaginable abundance. Rare treasures and great wealth await for those brave enough to pay the tribute and step through these portals to explore a new realm.

10,000 MAGE
15% of all allocations
25,000 MAGE
30% of all allocations
50,000 MAGE
50% of all allocations
MetaBrands Ventures (MBV) will be helping kickstart upcoming projects that meet our strict vetting criteria, governed by the DAO, and lead by the MBV committee. Through these strategic partnerships, MetaBrands will be able to share some of these deals with the MAGE Relic owners. You must own a relic in order to gain guaranteed access (whitelisting) to these early participation events. Aspiring apprentices who hold at least 1,000 MAGE tokens will get a chance to participate, sharing 5% of the total allocation pool. There will be a 24 hour window for relic owners to pledge their tribute. Afterwards, a new portal will open for 24 hours, allowing those who pledged a final chance to commit and warp to the other side.


MetaBrands Portfolio includes all of the projects that the Metaverse Resource DAO currently owns assets in. These could be utility tokens, governance tokens, NFTs, and more.


MetaBrands Ventures helps incubate projects on many blockchains and aims to create portals to different realms within the Metaverse, supporting a multitude of different ecosystems, games, and platforms. Below are some of the blockchains that MBV has helped incubate projects on.
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